The Asian Library International Fellowship Programme

Asian Library - Universiteit Leiden

With its renowned Asian collections and advanced services, Leiden University Libraries supports research, teaching and cultural activities in concert with an international network of leading research libraries and heritage institutions.

The Asian Library, situated on top of Leiden University Library, is a wonderful space for researchers, students and visitors to meet, study and conduct research. The Asian Library brings together outstanding collections on South and Southeast Asia, China, Japan and both Koreas. Our Indonesian collection is the largest in the world.

The Asian Library offers not only a 150-seat reading room but also features a cinema, an indoor garden, a centre for scholars & fellows and seminar rooms. The Asian Library is indeed one of the major international centres for the study of Asia.

International Fellowship Programme

The Library intends to expand the existing and highly successful fellowship programme at the Scaliger Institute with externally funded competitive fellowships focusing on Asian studies and on specific countries and regions in Asia. Fellows stay for a prolonged period of time (from one to three months) at the Asian Library and use its collections, meet and collaborate with other scholars and specialists present at Leiden University and give public lectures about the research they have conducted. Through their research at the Asian Library fellows unlock and disclose valuable new insights and discoveries from our collections.